The idea of recording this album was conceived in the beginning of 2020. the year of loneliness, isolation and silence. The Pandemic paused our humanity and this hiatus turned out to be our new reality.

It was different for everyone, easier for some, more difficult for the others.

For me it felt like a rollercoaster, days of pure serenity, were followed by restless moments. Soon I discovered that nothing felt more natural and satisfying, than playing the music of Robert Schumann.

The music of this incredible man, who felt and understood, better than anyone else, opposite sides of human nature, came to the rescue.

The pieces in the album found their place like pearls on the thread: looking back at the first piece of Schumann that I had learnt as a child (“Arabeske”) , watching my own children and discovering their images in “Kinderszenen”, living in this strange reality and finding reflections in the most eccentric and at the same time enchanting “Kreisleriana”, wondering about the future (“Prophet bird”) and hoping for consolation (Romanze).

In those times Robert Schumann and his friends stood behind the phrase “Frei Aber Einsam” (Free, but lonely), in these times for many of us it mostly felt Einsam...

Nino Gvetadze 13.06.2020